Hey, you! Take my hand and come with me.

Some days truely are meant to be spent outside. Smell, feel, see and hear. I really love autumn. It brings so many things worth exploring. The refreshing cool wind makes it easier to think and to be. Nature puts on her finest colours in the dance of the seasons, preparing everyone and everything for the tides ahead. 

Experiences are best shared with others. Do you agree? Most of the time I think so. Photography is a great solution to this. Even though you didn't come with me, we are sharing this right now.

But do remember to be there yourself. With a camera, or with others, it is easy to forget. Time runs away if we forget to keep an eye on it.

sometimes thats all right

Lets walk this path. Where may it lead?

It really fascinates me how we live among the trees. I don't think much of it when I'm on the ground, but they are there.

Trees are among the oldest living organisms on earth. Forests have endured even the rise and fall of mountain chains, over hundreds of millions of years.

It really is beautiful.

Things tend to work themselves out. I'm not saying you shold be lazy, but don't worry too much. Nothing good comes from that.

Just find a path and walk it. Maybe something happens? Maybe it doesnt. Maybe things didn't work out, and the day comes to an end. Its all right. I will think of you if you think of me. Experiences are best shared with others. A shared thought, a kiss, a dream.