Photoblog? Yeah, why not. Lets start with the 17th of May.

Welcome to the first entry! Here, I'm gonna talk about my makeup, perfumes, miniskirts. And boys of course! #justboythings

Fuck that.

Today is the 17th of May, the Norwegian Constitution Day. Or "søttendemaj" as we say it in Norwegian. This is the day when everyone dresses up in their finest clothing and drink loads of alcohol from early in the morning and aaaall the way to the end.

In other words the perfect day to try out the Mamiya RZ67 for the first time! Yessssir. I've been aching to put this camera to the test. I should definitely have brought more film. The normal 120 film holds about 10 exposures. Thats not much. I started with the Lomography Color 100 ISO. I will get the film developed as soon as possible, so for now you will have to live with the pictures from my 5DmkIII.

Take a good look at these guys. You won't find better people on this side of the moon. So to speak.

These are the winners of the "17. GØY" photo contest.