My first take on 120 film and the Mamiya RZ67

Oh joy! I just got back from Aker Foto with my newly developed 120 film. I am sooo excited for the results. The negatives are enormous! At 9600 DPI the image files are about 1,6GB. Only problem is that my scanner software does not allow images with resolutions greater than 30 000 x 21 000 pixels, so I will have to settle with 6400 DPI. About 650-700MB and 17 500 x 13 700 ish. I will probably survive.

The Mamiya RZ67 is great. I am borrowing the camera from my friend and colleague, Stefan. It took me a few hours with PDFs and YouTube videos to get to know what all the buttons do. I was aching to try the camera, but I needed something to photograph, and then the 17th of May showed up. Perfect!

And oooooh my! The results! The resolution! THE DETAILS!! AAABLABLA. I am already in love with 120. Expecting to see more of that in the future!