My first shot at Lomochrome Turquoise.

I am really excited to finally have tried out Lomography's Lomochrome Turquoise. I tested it at Roskilde Festival in Denmark, and the results are beyond what I hoped for. It is well over half a year since I was recommended to try out Lomochrome Purple and Turquoise, and I started right at the purple one. I feel that I tested Purple a bit unfair. With Turquoise having the advantage of bright summer days, Purple only had the dark winter nights and somewhat light days to be tested. There is not too much sun in the winter time here in Norway.


There were perfect conditions to test the Lomochrome Turquoise. I shot at ISO 100; a Pentax ME-Super with a 40mm f/2.8. I do love the Pentax, and it did not disappoint me in any way. I got a bit unlucky when I was unwinding. The film snapped in two when I tried to unwind it. I had to spool it toghether by hand, and put it in an empty film cannister. Luckily (yes, luckily) I let a good bit of light inside the makeshift darkroom made up of everyones dark clothes, and I got some awesome effects on the film! Though half the film did get ruined...

oh. my. god. it is so vintage I'm gonna die

I really am glad I tested out the Turquoise. Good thing I bought a bunch of them when I was at the Lomo store in Berlin. For some reason, it is much easier to get a hold on Purple where I live. Maybe the Turquoise one is so popular it gets sold out, or maybe its the opposite; not popular enough, so they won't import as much of it.