Watermark, logo and a brand new year!

Heyoo! 2016 is the year I'm investing heavily in film & photography. I'm hoping this will go somewhere, because photography really is the only thing that have made me happy the last few... years? Something bla bla.

So, a photographer really needs a logo and a watermark. This is a subject I've given quite a lot of thought, because I really hate seeing a good photo get ruined by a hideous watermark. *insert name* photography in Comic Sans... jesus christ no. This is, of course, the extreme example, but Comic Sans is hideous, and *insert name* photography is really not original in any way. I'm sticking with A Glimpse of Reality. Some people may like it, some may laugh of it, but that doesn't matter. I like it, and I find it to be describing my goals and achievements very well.

So let's see what we got here.

how bout that

I got help from a good and experienced friend, so thanks to Herman for helping me out. I appreciate it. I'd put up a link to his portfolio, but I don't think he has one yet. 

Here is the watermark in action. I helped my good friends in Solvind and Violent Colours last saturday with their gig at Amatøren. Check it out: